Berlin Ohio Lodging - Berlin Ohio Bed and Breakfast

Come and enjoy the fascinating life styles of the Amish in beautiful Berlin, Ohio. Berlin boasts that it is the oldest existing village in Holmes County as well as having the highest elevation. Most of the early settlers of the Berlin area came from Germany and Switzerland. Many first settled in Pennsylvania, then migrated to Berlin.

Berlin Ohio Map
* Mop provided courtesy of the Holmes Couny Chamber of Commerce

The area attractions include opportunities to tour working Amish farms as well as the Behalt Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center. This center portrays a revealing Amish and Mennonite history and even has a restored one-room schoolhouse. You will also find rich art galleries and plenty of shopping for Amish crafts and furniture.

Select one of the outstanding bed and breakfasts in Ohio Amish Country as your lodging place while you experience this unique culture. The bed and breakfasts in this area offer many standard features and amenities that will make your vacation one to remember. The hospitality and rooms will pleasantly surprise you as you find yourself enjoying a luxurious, quaint and intimate stay in Berlin, Ohio.

Berlin Bed and Breakfast Lodging

Bed and Breakfast features are unique to each business but one thing you can count on is the welcoming country hospitality that you will find within this community. The Amish people are friendly and caring and it can be witnessed on a daily basis as the Amish reach out to help visiting “English” speaking visitors. They will make you feel like family in their community.

From many of the bed and breakfast locations you will see rolling hills, wooded landscapes, and plenty of spacious farms. This provides an excellent setting to get away from the stresses of life and gain a new perspective on how to live. If you get a chance to visit an Amish farm you will soon appreciate their simple life style and their family priorities.

The B and B rooms will usually feature beautiful Amish Quilts covering the beds. Quilting has been an Amish tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. These magnificently crafted blankets carry lots of history and meaning and add both beauty and functionality to the rooms.

Berlin Bed and Breakfast Lodging Amenities

One great amenity that you will want to take advantage of is the Amish cooking. Dinners frequently offer beef and noodles, bar-b-que pork sandwich, whipped potatoes, creamed corn and delicious cream pies or chocolate cake. At the lunch meal you might find in front of you banana – bread soup, bacon - lettuce - tomato sandwich, home made applesauce and fresh fruit pies. For breakfast you might be treated to the likes of eggs, potato cakes, home made toast, bacon, mush and large sweet rolls.

Another amenity to look for at the bed and breakfasts would be professional spa services. You will be treated to a great message that helps your over-worked muscles to relax again. Then you will be refreshed as you enjoy the beauty of Berlin, Ohio strolling through the craft stores and taking in the beautiful rolling hills.

Some great outdoor amenities to look for would include beautiful flower gardens for strolling, a view of a river with boating and fishing available, hiking trails for fresh air and bird watching, and horseback riding.