Ohio Amish Country Bed and Breakfast -
Amish Bed and Breakfast Ohio

Come and enjoy the fascinating life styles of the Amish in the heartland of Ohio. You will be able to experience the age-old culture in Amish Country as you explore the remarkable farmland, enjoy the satisfying Amish restaurants and be amazed at the quality and craftsmanship in their woodworking, quilts, and crafts.

Chose one of the many outstanding bed and breakfasts in Ohio Amish Country as your base to experience this unique culture. The bed and breakfasts in this area offer many standard features and amenities that will make your vacation one to remember. The service and accommodations will pleasantly surprise you as you find yourself enjoying a luxurious, quaint and intimate stay in Ohio’s Amish Country.

Amish Bed and Breakfast Features

At most Bed and Breakfasts in Ohio Amish Country you will experience life at a much more relaxed pace which is reminiscent of the days gone by and the Amish culture. The Amish feature a very “plain” lifestyle and the décor of their establishments will reflect that with a “plain” country feel. The bed and breakfasts will be decorated with working kerosene lamps but in most cases will also have electric lighting for guests.

The settings of many of the bed and breakfast locations will be somewhat wooded, with not many close neighbors. A perfect retreat environment if you are looking to break away from the fast pace of every day life. You will see plenty of farms with horses, pigs, cows and chickens.

The rooms will usually feature beautiful, hand-crafted Amish Quilts covering the queen or king sized beds. Quilts are an amazing Amish craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. There are several styles of Amish quilts so take the time to ask questions about the coverings and you will soon develop an eye to more appreciate the creativity.

Amish Bed and Breakfast Amenities

Some of the amenities to look for at the bed and breakfasts include large, private Jacuzzi tubs. This will provide a great way to wash away the cares of your daily routine and relax those over worked muscles. Then you will be refreshed as you enjoy the beauty of Ohio Amish Country strolling through the craft stores and take in the fresh air.

Another great amenity that you will want to take advantage of is the down home Amish cooking for all your in home meals. Breakfast may feature the likes of eggs, potato cakes, home made toast, bacon, mush and sweet rolls to die for. The lunch meal you might find in front of you could include banana – bread soup, stebaugh (a cinnamon sugar bread) bacon - lettuce - tomato sandwich, home made apple sauce and fresh fruit pies. Dinners frequently offer beef and noodles, bar-b-que pork sandwich, whipped potatos and delicious cream pies or chocolate cake.

Some great outdoor amenities to look for would include a beautiful flower garden for reflecting, a lake or river view with boating and fishing available, hiking trails for fresh air and wildlife like deer, and horseback riding.