Ohio Amish Quilts and Quilting

The Amish heritage has been rich in sewing, quilting and needlecraft over the years. They make much of their own plain clothing and when there are enough left over scraps they piece them together into an amazing art form known as a quilt. These quilts have evolved into quite an art form and have brought quite a few dollars on the auction block or in the store.

You will find many stores in Ohio’s Amish Country that sell authentic Amish quilts. They come in all sizes, colors and patterns. Each one is really a unique piece and makes a valuable souvenir / discussion starter for your own home.

Quilts have several purposes in the Amish community. They may serve as gifts at a wedding or for the birth of a child. They may be for common use as a blanket. Or in some cases they use them to pass down as family heirlooms. What ever the case or use for a quilt they are all crafted with love and inspire our imagination while they wrap us with security in this ever changing world.

My Personal Quilting Story

My Grandmother Sarah loved to quilt. She grew up in the Amish tradition and found great pleasure in creating these beautiful blankets. She would make them to pastime, to relax and to have fun. She was a very prolific quilter and enjoyed quilting with her daughters, one of whom was my mother.

Grandma Sarah started the tradition of quilting a blanket for each of her children, of which she had seven, each of her grandchildren, of which she had 25, and each of her great-grandchildren, of which she had in excess of 50.

I remember getting my quilt when I was quite young. I was so excited when I first saw it because Grandma had used my favorite colors in the quilt. I must have had that quilt for 20 years and I slept with it every night. That blanket of love played a big role in my upbringing because it always reminded me of how much Grandma Sarah loved me.

Then when I had two kids of my own, Grandma Sarah made the blocks for their quilts before she passed away. And now my kids each have a blanket that reminds them of their Great-Grandmother’s love too.